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The Story of Mantis Golf Carts

Our story begins with 2 families camping with their class A motorhomes watching golf carts running around the campsites. 95% of the carts out there are full size and need a pick up truck or trailer to transport, but not everyone owns a truck or trailer, some own SUV’s. So we thought wouldn’t it be cool to have a cart that would be compact enough to fit inside full-size SUV’s. The Mantis Micro Cruzer SD was born; a 4- person collapsible golf cart that you can take with you!
We are committed to giving our customers the best micro cart on the market, with a larger electric drive system, assisted solar panel charging, USB port, and a matching color hard top roof. Our carts also come with VIN’s and seat belts just in case you are able to register them in your State. We are looking forward to working with you to get the Micro cart that you dreamed of!

See the Micro Cruzer in Action
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Green Power, On or Off the Beaten Path

Mantis is dedicated to creating a greener, more energy-efficient golf cart experience for our riders. Not only does a more compact size eliminate the need for secondary vehicles and tows, but we’ve also made ours solar-assisted.
We’ve got big things coming for the future. More innovation is on the way, so make sure to stay in touch for the future of golf cart mobility.

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