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What is a Mantis Golf Cart?

A Mantis golf cart is a solar assisted 48-volt collapsible cart that can fit into any vehicle,trailer or motorhome with the following openings. 31.5 in., tall x 38-in. wide x 60.3 in. long. Great for getting around in Campgrounds, RV Resorts, Retirement Villages, Horse Shows, Car Shows and more! Goes just about anywhere you can take a cart but don’t have room for a full
size cart.

How much does a Mantis Cart Weigh?

The cart comes in at 795-lbs

How Much Can The Mantis Collapsible Cart Carry?

The Mantis holds upto 661 lbs.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge The Mantis Golf Cart Batteries?

Charging time is 6 -8 hours.

What is the Standard Warranty For the Mantis Micro Cruzer Collapsible Golf Cart?

It is a 1-year warranty on all non-wearable parts. You can view that here

How Much Does A Mantis Micro Cruzer Collapsible Golf Cart Cost?

The Mantis Micro Cruzer Collapsible Golf Cart Cost is $6,995 plus tax.

What Size Tires Come On A Mantis Collapsible Golf Cart?

The Mantis Cart comes standard with 16-in. Tires.

How Far Can A Mantis Cart Travel On Fully Charged Batteries?

The Mantis Cart can travel 39 miles on fully charged batteries and solar assisted power back-up depending on load.

How many people can a Mantis Cart hold?

The Mantis cart comes standard with 2 seats, seating for 4 people.

What Vehicles Can A Mantis Collapsible Golf Cart Fit Into?

The Mantis cart will fit into full size SUVs and Pick-up Trucks with a 5 1⁄2 ft. bed or larger.

Where Can I Find A Mantis Golf Cart Owners Manual?

The Mantis Collapsible Cart owners manual is located on our website for downloading.

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