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Collapsible Vs Standard Golf Carts .........What’s The Difference?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Let’s look at the difference between the two types of carts. The standard golf carts are the ones you see on golf courses, campgrounds, horse shows, rallies and retirement villages, to name a few. They are available in both gas and electric. The electric golf cart is more popular than gas. The size of a standard four-seater is 110-in.x 48-in. x 70-in. The cart will fit into a full-size truck bed or a trailer to tow behind your vehicle. Most standard size golf carts come with headlights but no taillights. The speed of a standard cart is anywhere between 12 and 14 mph. The difference between the 36- and 48-volt cart is the 48 volt has a higher low-end torque, which you will feel when you accelerate. The 48 volts gives you more pep in your step. The collapsible cart is a golf cart that shrinks down in length for transporting and storage. Depending on the size of the car, they do fit into most full-size SUVs and also 5 1/2 foot truck beds. Travel by motorhome is easier than ever with a collapsible cart. No more need for a full-size truck to transport your cart. Load the cart into your full-size SUV or truck and attach the vehicle to your RV and off you go! The collapsible cart allows you to take your cart with you and not have to worry about renting one at your destination. It pays for itself after a while! The Mantis Micro Cruzer SD is a hybrid collapsible cart. Fully extended, the cart is 90.9-inches in length, and it collapses down to about 63.3 -inches. It is a 48-volt cart that also has a solar panel on the roof to collect and store energy while in use or sitting idle. The Mantis Micro Cruzer also has halogen headlights, turn signals on steering column, backup alert and a horn. It comes standard with seatbelts, 2 USB ports and a VIN number to get it street ready, where allowed. The Mantis Micro Cruzer golf cart also comes equipped with a 360-degree mirror. The cart holds 4 people with a weight limit of 695-lbs. The folding rear seat gives you extra cargo storage for when you’re on the go. The hardtop roof that is included is painted the same color as the cart and a fold down windshield is also standard. The Micro Cruzer has an Hydraulic fluid after upgraded front and rear suspension for a better ride. The wheels on a Mantis cart come standard with 16.5-in wheels with aluminum alloy rims. These are only found on upgraded carts from other manufacturers while it is standard with a Mantis SD. The Mantis Micro Cruzer collapsible golf cart is the Cadillac of electric collapsible carts available on the market today. Give us a call and we can discuss the differences between ours and the other brands and set you up with the golf cart of your dreams!!!

THE MICRO CRUZER SD COMES AS YOU SEE IT!!! More Reasons to Own a Mantis SUPER DUTY GOLF CART! Fun to drive, reliable, easy to transport and trendy. Fits 4 people comfortably and it is affordable!

Mantis Micro Cruzer SD includes:

  • SD is 90.9 inches in length when fully expanded. It is 38 inches in width and 71.5 inches in height.

  • It collapses down to 60.3 inches in length when the center floor and back footrest are taken off and 31.5 inches in height when roof, seatback and handrails are removed

  • Upgraded Super-Duty 48-Volt 2,000W Electric Motor and Transmission with (4)12V55ahLead Acid Sealed Batteries***

  • 16x6.5-8 Tubeless Tires with 7-in. Polished Aluminum Rims***

  • Upgraded Hydraulic Fluid Full Suspension Front and Rear Shocks***

  • Rack and Pinion Steering

  • Regenerative Electromagnetic Braking and Parking Brake with Braking Distance 14 feet

  • Battery Charge Indicator

  • Curtis Controller

  • Halogen Headlights with Rear Taillights

  • Front and Rear Turn Signals on Steering Wheel with Sound Feature***

  • Horn

  • 2 USB Ports ***

  • Carbon Fiber Finish Dash***

  • Upgraded Collapsible Steering Wheel***

  • Golf Cart Weight 795 lbs., Plus added accessories

  • VIN Number (If your municipality and state allow carts on the road) ***

  • Seatbelts ***

  • Front & Rear Handrails

  • 360 Degree Rear View Mirror ***

  • Front Fold-Down Windshield ***

  • Full Hard Top Roof (painted same color as body of cart) ***

  • 180-Volt Solar Panel (for solar assist) ***

  • Fold Down Rear Seat for Cargo

  • Upgraded Super Duty 48-Volt Motor and Transmission Allows for Better Performance***

  • Holds a 6-8 Hour Charge Time, and Can Travel Up To 39 Miles on a Single Charge and with Solar Assisted Power Back-Up Depending on Load ***

  • Includes Portable Charger

  • Maximum Speed 10-12 mph Depending on Incline

  • 20%+ Grade Ability Depending on Load

  • Passenger Weight Max 695 lbs.

  • Mini Tool Pouch Included***

  • Thicker Seat Cushions than other leading Manufacturer***

  • Removable Front Floorboard for Collapsing Cart

  • Available in Eight Standard Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Habanero Orange, Silver, Black, and White ***